"These 7 Techniques Can Hack Your Brain To Unlock Amazing Mind Powers!"
"You can unlock mental abilities and manifest miracles in your life, simply by following the recipes inside this little book." -Joe Vitale, Bestselling Author, Speaker and Teacher
Inside the book, you'll learn proven breakthrough mental techniques to:
  •  Flip an instant switch for creativity “on demand” 
  •  Push a button on your wrist and stress melts away… 
  •  Access your intuitive abilities anytime you want 
  •  Tap into your natural healing powers 
  •  Supercharge your manifesting ability for money (or anything else) 
  •  “See” in real-time how close you are to manifesting your goal 
  •  Extract information directly from the subconscious mind 
  •  And too much more to list here...
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