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"Learn Amazing Secrets Of Consciousness Technology And Psycho-Energetic Science To Hack The Matrix Of Your Reality!"
"Extraordinary and creative work.... Truly inspirational, beneficial and appreciable!" -Jyosana Gupta
Transform Your Life From The Inside-Out...
Discover How To Flip The "Power Switch" In Your Brain
Throughout The Mind Hack Recipe, Jason Mangrum reveals the specifics of how to hack into the brain's function as the door to higher awareness. 

Once in practice, these concepts can be used to solve problems that would be nearly impossible through conventional methods.

The Mind Hack Recipe synthesizes brain hacking techniques for optimal performance, stress/pain reduction and mental/spiritual awareness. 

Not only will you gain power over obstacles to success, happiness and health by performing the unique techniques detailed in Mangrum's The Mind Hack Recipe, you will also see positive results in:
  • Reduction of Physical/Emotional/Mental Stress
  • Adjustment of Mindset/Consciousness to overcome various problems
  • Attraction of Money/Financial Success/Desires
What can these techniques do? Imagine you could...
  • ● Flip an instant switch for creativity “on demand” 
  • ● Push a button on your wrist and stress melts away…
  • ● Access your intuitive abilities anytime you want
  • ● Tap into your natural healing powers
  • ● Supercharge your manifesting ability for money (or anything else)
  • ● “See” in real-time how close you are to manifesting your goal
  • ● Extract information directly from the subconscious mind
  • ● And too much more to list here...
Here's What Others Are Saying...
"You can unlock mental abilities and manifest miracles in your life, simply by following the recipes inside this little book."
-Joe Vitale
"Thank you for sharing all you have over the years in helping others including myself in finding joy and abundance! You are GOLD Jason Mangrum. "
-Sheryl Delaplane
"Jason has a unique way of teaching this work, giving techniques in a easy to understand manor."
-Steve Bullock
"Thanks for the book. What I have read so far is pure gold. The relaxation technique really works!"
-Marjorie Thorton
"Jason, wanted to let you know, the new book is terrific! Keep up the great things your are doing!"
 -Terri Schiavone
"I loved it, this is powerful! Thank you so much."
-Evie Hallo
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